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Custom made chocolate bars store offering hundreds of delicious chocolate toppings!

Chocolate delivered within 2 working days!

Our Ingredients
For a special treat or the perfect gift, choose exquisite chocolate truffles, pralines and chocolate-dipped dried fruit.
Paleo Chocolate Bars
View our selection of premade Paleo chocolate bars.

Customised Chocolate Bars

We have always loved the idea of making our own, personalised and completely custom chocolate bar. On our build your own perfect chocolate bar online shop, the possibilities are endless, with our 9 bar bases and 100 or so ingredients, the possible combinations of bars numbers the grand total of.... 675,000,000!

Making your own personalised bar is not as simple as melting a bar of Diary Milk and adding some toppings, as we learn a few years ago when the idea first come to us! The process of tempering chocolate sees it being melted and heated to a specific temperature, letting it cool to a specific temperature and warming it up to yet a different temperature again – its complicated to say the least and different for Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate and Dark Chocolate.

At Choco-Mix, the make your own chocolate bar online shop, we do the hard work for you. We have sourced the sweets, dried fruits, nuts and other miscellaneous ingredients which go well with chocolate - and some ingredients which don’t go so well, but some people have some weird tastes!

Anyone you mention the idea of making your own bespoke chocolate bar gets a bit carried away with the ingredients they would add... cashews and raisins, no, white chocolate with mini eggs and popping candy, no... Well you get the idea. We love orange chocolate with rice crispies, popping candy and raisins! We could not find anyone in the UK who was giving you the option to order your own unique chocolate bar online, have it made for you the same day (it takes another day to ‘set’) and post it to you 2 days later in lovely packaging. So this is how Choco-Mix was born – your own personalised chocolate bar, with whichever ingredients you want (within reason!) and delivered to your door.

Taste testing delicious chocolate:

Wales and Pontypridd may be famous for many things – Tom Jones, Rugby, Mountains, umm, Rain – but not chocolate. It would be pretty much impossible for us to cultivate chocolate on the hills of the Brecon Beacons, as nice as the view would be! We had to look to the big chocolate producing nations to search of the chocolate for our customised chocolate bars. The French, Swiss and Belgians are the big names in chocolate production and so we had the enviable task of testing chocolates to find the best one for taste, value and versatility as we would be offering different combinations of ingredients.

Chocolate for customising

We decided on a Belgian chocolate from one of the largest names in chocolate production. They make the finest quality chocolate for restaurants, pastry chefs and small artisan chocolate producers. The cocoa beans are cultivated and turned into the finished chocolate product ethically and at a fair price to the farmers and those on the supply chain.

Milk Chocolate:

Our Milk Chocolate is the most popular chocolate type to personalise on our website. It has 33% cocoa and uses 100% cocoa butter so no lesser oils to pad it out as on many cheaper chocolates available in the UK. The taste is rich and creamy and many of our chocolate taste testers said they had been converted from the big brands to the more refined, but still delicious taste of Choco-Mix chocolate – perfect for customising with great ingredients, whether sweets, nuts, fruits and the more unusual choices such as crisps, spices or even gold flakes.

White Chocolate:

Our White Chocolate is also delicious; many of our chocolate testers have a soft spot for the creamy, sweet and milky flavour. It is a perfect base to customise with sweets or fruits which compliment the flavour perfectly. White chocolate and coconut is one of our most popular custom chocolate bar best sellers and it is difficult to resist adding mashmallows too!

Dark Chocolate:

Finally our Dark, or Plain Chocolate, is subtly bitter and rich. With 53% cocoa, it is a great base for adding custom ingredients. More cocoa percentage is great for lovers of the bitter chocolate taste. Dried fruits and nuts are most popular with our bespoke dark chocolate bars, but we like the more unusual chilli or sea salt with dark chocolate personally...or banana and cashews....or orange dark chocolate and something crunchy... actually we can’t pick!